Thursday, September 3, 2009


I have come to the realization that I am really taking a knock during my PMS period. This week I hit such a low and felt so depressed I actually went and researched it and the causes. Now anyone who knows me will tell you I am not a person who suffers from depression. But lately I get to my PMS “period” (LOL) and I don’t know who I am. The last time I got all emotional and irritable was when I had the big fight with my son (read back a few posts) and it was just before I started my menses. It seems to get to its absolute worst and most dangerous the very day before I start. And I have never experienced anything like it. I know my body, I know myself and I know that during PMS I normally get a backache, cramps, sensitive boobs, and a little bit of irritation. But this lately has been so extreme and it is all so new to me. I feel like I am on a rollercoaster of emotions and I only seem to realise it’s PMS when I start my menses and I feel like me again.

It’s horrible! Horrible. And I feel like I am not in control. My body and my brain just do what they want.

I shudder to think what menopause will be like…

I am definitely going to go and see my doctor and find out what she says about it.


angel said...

Are you on the pill?

lulu said...

Do you know I have the same problem and I get really emotional and down right nasty too. Let me know what the doc says k? Like you i also didnt connect it to PMS because i do suffer from depression so it is a learning curve for me too. I know it is awful sterkte!!

Terri said...

How weird this is the first post I read of yours in so long...!
Get your doc to check your hormone levels - they should do this at the same time of your cycle for 3 cycles to get an accurate reading. I had mine done recently for something completely unrelated but in the end I discovered my hormones are probably the cause of a whole bunch of issues I would never even have connected to each other. It's worth doing some research and make sure your doc does this properly and takes you seriously otherwise find someone who will.
Good luck xxx

Brigitte said...

Terri - Wow, thanks for the advice. I will definitely look into this.