Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We went camping! I took my second eldest and my youngest and we went camping with our church community. The place was called Tempel Warmbron just outside Nylstroom. It is an absolutely gorgeous place!
We arrived on Friday evening and when I went to sign in the lady at the reception desk said cheerfully: “You must be Brigitte!” Well I was impressed; she even knew who I was! But it was only because she was waiting for me as I was the last one to arrive. LOL!!
We drove into the grounds and then the kids were so excited they could hardly contain themselves in the car! My two boys were camping in a tent and I was staying in a chalet with a friend from church and her two little ones.
Let me tell you, this place will definitely see me again. The camping grounds are amazing. You camp on lawns – not dusty dry ground – amongst so many trees. And then the ablutions for the campers were five star. Beautifully finished interiors with sensors in the lights so that they turn on when you walk in. There were two showers in each ablution house. Standing at angles to each other with “bar” swing doors to close off the shower area where there was room for you to dry off and dress after your shower.
And that is just the camp site area. (But wait, there’s more!) There is also a bamboo lapa where you can braai or “kuier” if you like with a big cement slab loaded with wood to make a bon/camp fire if you like. And if you have a caravan they cater for that very well too.
The chalets were also amazing! So beautifully furnished and finished inside and fully equipped. Fridge, microwave, stove and oven, linen, bathroom, fan crockery and cutlery. All we had to pack for the chalets was food and towels. And each chalet has its own veranda and braai area. There are 4 sleeper chalets, and six sleeper chalets – so the bigger, the better. There is a beautiful big thatched lapa with communal fridge and freezer and a boma where you can make big camp fires at night.
Then for the kids there are warm and cold swimming pools, miniature golf, a giant chess board, a trampoline, obstacle coarse, jungle gym and swings play area, volley ball court, Poole tables and TV room (in case of rainy weather) and easy walking trails up the hill behind the camp grounds. Over one of the pools they have place a log – which made for lots of games (contests) of strength and balance and laughter.
I hardly ever saw my kids, they were almost permanently in the swimming pool (the heated one) and I was sure they would grow webbed feet and hands as well as fins. I had to find them for meals. I would take them to their tent at night to tuck them for bed – always at around 10:00pm. And they would be exhausted from swimming and running around from trampoline to swimming pool etc, etc. But they would be up and in the pool at 6:00am the next morning. LOL! They had an absolute ball. So did I, I loved the venue and the company.

None of us wanted to come back home…

Temple – we will be back!!


momcat said...

What a great getaway. Its fantastic when you find a place that the kids can run wild and you don't have to worry about them.

lulu said...

Wow sounds amazing! I'm so glad you had such a great time!!

Terri said...

Sounds fantastic! It's wonderful that the kids get to spend so much time doing outdoors stuff; it's a real privilege. I feel so sorry for the kids who grow up in the places like Ireland & the UK - they have no connection with nature at all and I think they miss out on so much. Hm. "How to put a blog post in a single comment" - by Terri

angel said...

Sounds so lekker!