Sunday, January 24, 2010


On Saturday afternoon SABC 3 was airing an Oprah show where she was being “interviewed” about her interviews she had had with Michael Jackson. At one point just before an add break she said “coming up I ask Michael “the” question. And then the cut to a teaser of the interview where she asks him: “Are you a virgin?” and then it went to an add break.

Donny, my 10 year old, was in the kitchen and heard the question and then said:
“I think he is.”
I asked: “What?”
He said: “A virgin”
I smiled and stifled a giggle and asked: “What is a virgin Donny?”
And he said: “Some one who believes in God.”

I couldn't laugh at him – as much as I wanted to. He is still so innocent and I decided he didn’t need to know the truth yet. I will let him think that until later in life when we will have “the talk”.

I can see how he made that deduction because Mary – Jesus’ mother was a virgin. That means she believed in God and that’s why she was chosen to be Jesus’ mother. It’s so sweet.

But what I like most about it is that if I think the way he does then that makes me a virgin too, doesn't it?


Terri said...

Ah, you gotta love the innocence :-)

angel said...

So sweet!