Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I was tagged by Angel!! Woohoo. This was supposed to go up yesterday but I had to tell you all about my Donny's thoughts on what a virgin is. So - better late than never. Here it is:

Do you get regular massages? No. I cannot remember the last time I had anything that even resembles a massage.
Do you have an answering machine? No, I have got voicemail on my cell phone – but I don’t know if it’s working properly.
What cuss word do you use the most? There isn’t really one I use ALL the time. I try not to use any – but if I do it’s usually “Crap” or “Crap on a stick”
Are you underweight or overweight? Over – for now that is.
Can you see your veins? Yes, I can see them quite clearly.

Soap? Radox wheatgerm – I love the smell.
Fruit? Mangos, strawberries, banana’s, watermelon, kiwis – basically ALL fruits except
Pineapple - it makes my mouth sore.
Kind of red meat? I am not really partial to red meat a steak is not a treat for me. I prefer
white meats.
Fish? Yes please!!! Sole, Kingklip – and ANY sea food. I prefer sea fish to fresh water,
although trout and salmon are lovely if done right.
Candy bar? Nestle Milky Bar (no other white chocolate is quite the same), Tempo and Nougat

Have You Ever…
Eaten a whole bag of potato chips? Who hasn’t? Anyone who says they haven’t is lying!! My
favourite is Spar’s new bag of mixed sorts – I love those!!
Eaten lobster? No, not yet – but I would SO love to try it. I am sure it will be divine!!
Climbed a mountain? No – but I think I would like to do something like that when I am fitter.
Kilimanjaro – that could be awesome!!
Been skydiving? No, and I can’t decide if it’s something I want to do or not.
Been water skiing? Not yet – but I want to give it a shot for sure!

Do You…
Wish you could change something about your life? Oh many many things. When Mark was little I tucked him into bed one night and after about 10 minutes I went to check on him and he asked me if I would lie with him and I said no I was busy with other stuff – can’t even remember what I said. He never asked again and I never got the chance again, except once when he had a night mare and I lay with him. But There are many times in his childhood I wish I could go back and redo.
Like your nose? No. I don't like it very much.
Like salt and vinegar chips? Ja, sometimes they are lekka.
Eat salsa? No, can’t say I’m crazy about it.
Own a boat? Um no. Hang on – does a remote control boat count, cause if it does then yes.

What Is…
A small thing that people let slide but that actually has dire consequences? I have to agree
with Angel here and say good manners and etiquette. Something as simple as saying hello seems to have become a major effort for a lot of people.
Your most macho trait? I don’t think I have anymore of those. I used to be ‘one of the guys”
when I was much younger and could down pints of beer and tequilas better than any guy I
knew – and the guys loved that I could do that and had me show off all the time to new
friends etc. But that girl is very different today and not at all macho in any way. Even though
I live in a house full of men.
The longest relationship you’ve ever had? Well I have been married to my husband nearly 12
years now – so I reckon this is and will be my longest relationship.
Your most embarrassing thoughts? I imagine what people look like naked. It’s not a sexual
thing at all, but it is embarrassing. And I flinch every time I do it cause I feel like I am
invading their privacy. LOL!!!
Your most shameful moment? When I said too much to a friend about a family situation and it got back to my parents - and my family.

Bath/Shower? Shower – far more hygienic and quick.
Markers/ Crayons? Markers, no crayons, no markers – crap I don’t know!! Both.
Pens/ Pencils? Oh hell – another choice question – I hate having to choose. Both too.
Jelly/ Cream Cheese? Oo! Oo! That’s an easy one – cream cheese – all of them!!
Bagel/ Toast? Bagels – with cream cheese and ham. Toast is also good spread it with peanut
butter while its still hot hot hot – the crunchy type.

My greatest weakness is… the fact that I am human. Being human makes failing, screwing up
or making a mess of things inevitable.
I wish I was… a stay at home mom/home executive. I long to be at home.
Three things I wouldn’t do for a million dollars are… deny my faith, cheat on my husband,
Neglect or reject my children – in fact not for ANY amount of money in the world!!
The oddest thing I’ve ever put in my mouth is… No, nothing. After watching programs like
survivor and fear factor and the horrible things they had to eat I will never put anything
weird in my mouth. Although maybe for a million dollars…

Credit card you had? Was a Medical Aid card – but I didn’t know it was a credit card and got
so horribly into debt with it. I paid it all back and have not had one since.
Loan you got was for? I cannot remember…
Paycheck was for how much? Probably about R1000
Time you had stitches? In 7th grade when I road into a car with my friends bike because the
breaks didn’t work and I cut open my chin and smashed out my front teeth. I still have a
rather ugly scar on my chin.
Time you went to the hospital for something? I was in about the 4th grade and I was
hospitalised for almost 10 days with pneumonia. This is the time I can remember. I was actually hospitalised as a baby a few times because I had epilepsy.

List everything you ate in the last 24 hours? Chocolate cereal, toast, a hot dog, a glass of
Pepsi, 2 cups of coffee, a packet of Doritos.
Last thing you used a credit card for? Don’t have one
What was your job previous to the one you have now? About the same as I am doing now.
Last thing you celebrated? My youngest sons 10th birthday
Last time you were at a sports bar? Sheesh – years ago!

An I am not tagging anyone at this point.


angel said...

Fabulous answers!

lulu said...

Nice one I enjoyed it! But I really haven't ever eaten a whole bag of crips cos I don't like them very much, now pretzels those I can do whole HUGE bag :-)

Terri said...

Great answers!
btw Good luck with Kilimanjaro. I look forward to reading all about it on your blog :)

Dawn said...

You and me and our infrequent blog posts. Remember when we were on it virtually every day? Miss You. xxx

Brigitte said...

Ag Dawn, I miss you too - so very very much!