Friday, May 22, 2009


Just thought I would let you all know that these things I am putting up here are mostly things (feeling) I have had on my mind (heart) for quite some time – and just never had anywhere to vent them. I suddenly realised the other day that it may look to anyone reading this blog that I am SO terribly unhappy and that everyday is a fight and a battle…
But it’s not! Actually we are more happy than we are not. And my (step)sons are in fact not unpleasant mean spirited monsters either. I love them both dearly and see them as my children, and so I guess that’s why I take it so hard when things do go a bit "blegh" between us. I take it more personally than I do with my own son. It’s hard to explain, but I know a step parent will understand.

Mark, as I’ve mentioned, is now 16 and I have to admit he is a very normal teenager and is a really well behaved child. He’s not rebellious and his school work and points are always good and he has focus and drive. He is a very handsome young man and both of his little brothers look up to him immensely!

So, these things I am putting up here are mostly things I have been carrying around for quite some time. And after finally taking Angels advice to start a blog I have somewhere to put it all.

So no, things are not ALL bad, all the time.

I suppose we are actually a very normal family.


lulu said...

We all need a place to vent and sort our minds and thoughts out! It sounds normal to me too!! xx

angel said...

Heh heh, I've put up a similar post on my blog after venting about the knucklehead's antics over and over again!
I am very glad you're posting on a blog again.

angel said...

Mawneen. I have tagged you!!!