Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Alrighty then folks, I been tagged by Angel. This is the “8 is Enough Meme” – I will try to do it justice.
Here goes…

8 things I’m looking forward to
1. Going home
2. The Bulls V Chiefs Super 14 Final on Sat
3. My friends visiting on Sat night.
4. The weekend
5. Sleeping late on Sat (prolly wont happen)
6. Church
7. Wednesday night’s prayer meeting
8. Tonight’s visit from Sharlene

8 things I did yesterday
1. Drove to work
2. Checked out face book
3. Worked
4. Forgot my drama club planning in the office
5. Had a Drama club meeting
6. Decided on the music for our first sketch
7. Went to the pharmacy
8. Took Devon home after Drama Club

8 things I wish I could do
1. Be a Stay at home mom
2. Speak a third language
3. Have my own business
4. Home school
5. Stop cursing
6. Read my Bible more
7. Pray more
8. Be more patient

8 shows I watch on TV- this is going to be a difficult one…
1. Las Vegas
2. Survivor China
3. Invasion
4. Ummmmm
5. Ja,
6. I reckon
7. that’s
8. all…

8 people I’m tagging
1. I can’t
2. tag 8
3. people
4. I don’t
5. have that
6. many
7. to tag


angel said...

Heh heh. What's "Invasion"?

Brigitte said...

Angel - It's a show on SABC 2 about an Alien Invasion on Sat at 6:30pm - pretty good cast.
"I like it" (in the King Julian accent - WAHAHAHAHA)

Wenchy said...

Your tagging comment made me laugh!