Thursday, August 20, 2009


How do I tell my 16 year old he smells bad? At first I thought it was just me who could smell it – cause I have a very sensitive nose, but it turns out it’s not. A friend of mine was visiting last night and when she left he was in the lounge and she asked me what smelt so funny. I shrugged and she said (with a chuckle) “I think it may be your son.”
I realised he really does smell bad. (yikes!!)
OH WOE IS ME!!! To be the one who has to deal with this.
He does shower everyday and he washes his hair everyday too. But he plays soccer – everyday. Last night he had just come home from practice as my friend was leaving and he was sweaty. Very sweaty. But, he went to bed like that. Gugh!!!
And when I open his door in the morning to wake him up it’s like a wave that hits me in the face – that’s how bad it gets. His room always smells sweaty. It’s really gross.
I thought he would get some savvy on his own, but he hasn’t so I guess it’s up to me.
I will have to wait till I get him alone and tell him as nicely as possible – and without embarrassing him that he may want to consider showering or bathing after practices and before school in the morning – basically twice a day, instead of just once. It’s strange cause he’s SO pedantic about his appearance that I am surprised by this behaviour.
I could just come right out and say
“Hey, dude you REEK, you should like shower a little more often dontcha think? Chicks will dig you if you do.”
But I have a sense that this may require a little more tact than that – after all he does have a very fragile male ego…
Any tips anyone?


lulu said...

Ouch tough one dude! I think you right a gentle approach will be best. You dont think maybe Dad must field this one??

Brigitte said...

Lu - That thought did cross my mind, might be a good idea.

angel said...

I was just about to suggest the same thing Lulu did!
You two are on shaky ground relationship-wise... You don't want to jeopardise your truce.

Brigitte said...

Angel - Ja, I will definitely talk to The Dad then about it.